Kandy Fangs stories explore perceptions of time and false memories through fantasy. The series began with a serialized novella (1) in 2010-2011, followed by non-linear series, Venom in 2013. Choose a perspective, or read all. Venom is designed for multiple story experiences including crossing perspectives at any point by continuing with the alternate next episode usually in post-date order. Some Venom episodes offer optional routes by following the ➥ link.

All fiction and art created by David G Shrock. Stories may contain some language, violence, and sexual references. Recommended for mature readers.

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Kandy Knight is an Itoril living in Roseland. Employed as Executioner for many years, and tired of the job, she wanted to retire. However, retirement for an executioner requires death by challenge for the position. Itoril people are named after their ancestor, Ithuriel. Common traits include fangs, iridescent eyes, and long life. It is believed Itoril are the source for vampire myths, but many are harmless. Kandy enjoys a bite now and then.

“Kandy Fangs” is the name of Kandy’s music store revealed near the end of the first book, and also revealed in Venom episodes, “Shades of Roseland” and Old Thyme #4.


Kandy Fangs stories take place around and within the city of Roseland which is nestled in a valley between two mountain ranges. Loosely based on Portland, Oregon, downtown Roseland is divided into distinct halves with the more dangerous part of town to the north in Old Town and the crisp-clean streets on the southern side. Club Necropolis is located near the border on the southern side. Peter’s restaurant, Autumn Twighlight, sits near the western edge of downtown not far from a wooded hillside leading up to the Thyme Funeral Home.

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Besides writing with Kandy, Mr Shrock writes software, mountain bikes all over the Pacific Northwest, and enjoys astronomy. Find him at www.DracoTorre.com.